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Practical Examples


1.  Distribution saddle installation with non-stop of water supply
(1) Dig the branch pipe, remove soil on surface and make it clean where bifurcation to be done.
(2) Coat the agglutinant on the branch pipe and water divider, move them back and forth/up and down to achieve even coating, and lock with bolts tightly.
(3) Pare outside wall of the male pipe to be installed as a branch, and do connections with water divider by TS cooling connection method, then extend the pipeline to the end users.
(4) After drying of the agglutinant (normally 1 hour later after connection), use a hexagonal handle (L or T-type) to switch open the punch, when the torque force become weak, the drilling is finished. Switch back the punch. The water will flow into the branch pipe, thus the branch is ready for use.
(5) Set packing in screw cap, screw up tightly.
(6) First fill fine sand or soil to the trench (avoiding any hard substances or stones narrowing the pipe fittings) and then backfill the original soil.
(7)Pump water out from the trench if any while working, also clean the pipe which is to be laid.
2.  Metal water distribution saddle installation
(1)  Dig the branch pipe, remove soil on surface and make it clean where bifurcation to be done, pump water out from pipe channel if any.
(2)  Fix the upper and lower chip of the water divider on PVC pipe with bolts, making sure the packing of the upper chip tightly connect with PVC pipe.
(3)  Install copper bolt on upper chip, then install screw cap.
(4)  After installed the punch and the copper bolt, turn handle of the punch to make a hole on the pipe, then rotate handle anti-clockwise to raise punch back.
(5)  When the cutter of the punch is above the ball valve of water divider, the ball valve is closed. Then, take off the punch and the bolt, and cover on the screw cap.
(6) Arrange distributing pipelines from the water divider bolt to end users, rotate the ball valve after 1 hour, and water is ready for end users.



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