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As a leading manufacturer of investment casting(lost wax) in China, We have supplied many precision castings and it's finishing to our customers all over the world for decades, in the areas of chemical,valve, pump, food and beverage industry,automobile parts,Machinery Parts,Construction and Decoration parts etc.

We can manufacture the products according to your sampels, drawings, or your blueprints.

Any of your inquiries are appreciated.

Investment Casting Design Advantages

  • Near net shape
  • High dimensional accuracy
  • High dimensional consistency
  • Design flexibility
  • Detailed shapes can be cast
  • Close tolerances ±.005 per inch
  • Greater alloy selection

Investment Casting Cost Advantages

  • Machining can be reduced or eliminated
  • Eliminate fabrications and weldments
  • Low initial tooling costs
  • Delivery schedules

Why Zhonghe? We specialize in manufacturing casting with complicated configuration, high quality,short leading time, reliable quality assurance system. some of the following products we can reach the dimensional tolerance +/-0.01mm, positional tolerance 0.05mm, the surface roughness Ra1.6, Ra0.8,Ra04, Ra0.2 etc.


The products listed on this website are only for demonstration purpose to
show our capability and expertise. The ownership belongs to our
customers. We cannot provide any prints or samples, or mass produce
these products for any other customers.

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